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The Girlcott strikes back at Imus (yecch, I don’t even want to type his name)


Got this from my friend Wendy:

So I was telling David that Spike Lee, in response to Imus, is purposely buying stuff from Staples and Bigelow Tea because they voluntarily withdrew their advertising from the Imus show. Can’t call it a boycott, because it’s not trying to deprive a business to make a point…so, David suggested “Girlcott” – a type of positive boycott!

So let’s buy a bunch of stuff from Staples and add to our tea collection from Bigelow. Yeah, we could question why they advertised on that show in the first place. And we could pick on the fact that they may have only agreed to pull their advertising for the 2 weeks of his suspension … Nevertheless, there’s nothing perfect in politics and it’s always a good idea to reward somebody for doing something even a little good and besides, a cup of tea is refreshing and so much less jangly than coffee.

And haven’t you been wanting to buy reams of recycled paper to honor the environment? Staples is the place.

I intend to buy some gift cards from Staples for my relatives and I will write and tell Staples that I’m doing so,, just in case they aren’t overwhelmed by Spike and my adding a hundred smackers each to their bottom line!!!

Let me know if you intend to girlcott and how. Let’s support the Rutgers women’s team by helping to get Imus and his disgusting sidekicks off the air. Tell everyone you know to do something. Our e-letters to MSNBC apparently made the difference!
Thanks. Wendy