What we want to see Friday

Joseph Borelli
Joseph Borelli, carved pink insulation. We saw it at his Tyler MFA show and were wowed! We don’t know if it’s in this show, but here’s a taste of his work.

It’s not fireworks, but there’s some good stuff coming up this Friday. Libby will be in
Chicago and miss the sparklers, but Roberta will be out on the town and hopes to see so of you. Here’s our short list of where you might bump into her.

For the third year in a row, Vox Populi (6-11 p.m.) invited curators to jury an emerging artists show. As with other years, the list looks full of recent grads, some whose names stood out from the crowd include cartoon-inspired sculptor Joseph Borelli and printmaker Amze Emmons.
This year’s jurors, Kirby Gookin and Sheryl Conkleton, anointed these 24 artists out of nearly 300 submissions.


Here’s who’s in:

* Jose Sarinana
* Pat Arnao
* Kirsten Ullrich
* Melissa Barrett Lundquist
* MaryKate Maher
* Lydia Conklin
* Kim Loewe
* Joseph Borelli
* Colleen Rudolf
* Françoise Duresse
* Samantha Hill
* Adam Parker Smith
* George Pfau
* Steven Millar
* Chris Fennell
* Dylan Beck
* Erin Arnold
* Amy Lincoln
* Vincent Balistrieri
* Felicia Megginson
* Amze Emmons
* Jaime Treadwell
* Jennie Thwing
* Natasha Bowdoin

Matthew Fisher
Matthew Fisher’s soldier is a revelation; there’s a Where’s Waldo in this painting. Look around.


Pentimenti Gallery (6:30-8:30 p.m.)
In Summer, the Song Sings Itself is a song of eight artists, some familiar, some not. We’re looking forward to new work from Sarah Daub and Matthew Fisher. The other names are new but Roberta ran by the gallery for a quick look and says two thumbs up.

Here’s who: Gabe Brown, Sarah Daub, Thomas Doyle, Cara Enteles, Matthew Fisher, Deborah Hamon, Kirk McCarthy, Scot Wittman.

Jayson Scott Musson
Everyone’s favorite Jayson Scott Musson poster from exhibits past.


Topstitch Boutique (6-9pm.)
Climb the stairs to see what’s on the minds of Jayson Scott Musson and Heather Rae Morton in their exhibit, “Phantom Limb.” We don’t know Morton, but Musson is always thinking up a storm.

GARBAGE MAGIC- at COPY (7-11 p.m.)
An exhibition of new work by Chris Ward is a mystery to us, but we were intrigued enough to put it in the list. We don’t get how garbage is magic. That’s why we’re interested. Also, he’s an ex-Philly guy who says he’s reevaluating our local habitat by exploring man vs. nature.

Jacob Fossum, Ganesha Gone Wild, 96″ x 96″

Rodger LaPelle

We haven’t been in here for a while, but this month’s postcards really caught our collective eye. Two figurative painters might be fun–Jacob Fossum brings animals to Odd Nerdum oddness and Nathaniel T. Rogers fiddles in Matt Bollinger’s territory, adding some play-acting.

Samantha Simpson, Possessions, ballpoint pen
Samantha Simpson, Possessions, ballpoint pen

INK! at Gallery Joe (6-8 p.m.)

This year’s summer group show is curated by Sarah Holloran instead of by gallerist Rebecca Kerlin. Eleven artists include:

William Anastasi
Astrid Bowlby
Emily Brown
Jacob El Hanani
Roland Flexner
Simon Frost
Gil Kerlin
Linn Meyers
Sharyn O’Mara
Samantha Simpson
Martin Wilner

The press release came with the Samantha Simpson image, and we love it!