X marks Andrew Jeffrey’s Wright’s spot in Juxtapoz


Andrew Jeffrey Wright

I was browsing in my son’s favorite comic shop, Rocketship, in Brooklyn on Smith Street. Every time I go in there I end up dropping a little dough–really my son drops it, showing a tender and generous streak that always surprises me just a little. This time I picked up the August issue of Juxtapoz, and thumbing through, I found Space 1026er Andrew Jeffrey Wright featured in a two-page Showstopper spread. The reviewer admired a wall-sized “rainbow/psychedelic/zig-zag “X” canvas, which sounds sort of like this small work on paper also by Wright.

The Juxtapoz item was really more a story than a review of Wright’s show White Trouble at Community Outreach Gallery in London, Ontario, which ended June 2. It’s nice to see the love spread around, so I bought the issue.

I find Juxtapoz a lot more friendly in print than online, where the bloggy, jazzy incoherence makes me nuts. The print version, which has different content, is more my speed. It’s got a mix of highly original stuff mixed up with hipster cliches, but all in all I felt my son’s $5 was well spent.


andrew jeffrey wright, juxtapoz, philadelphia art



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