Alternative stocking stuffer

CD cover art by John Overmyer
CD cover art by John Overmyer

Here’s your chance to do a little good and stuff the stockings with some swell alternative music recorded at the Green Line Cafe.

The profits–all 100 percent–from the CD, Songs on the Green Line, benefit Cooperativa San Fernando, a worker-owned coffee cooperative located high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, where the Green Line’s house coffee is grown.

This is quite a different model from the Starbuck’s music marketing scheme, which makes me squirm a little.

And the packaging has a Christmas-y kind of jaunty cheer from the pen and brush of editorial illustrator and cartoonist John Overmyer. You’ve seen his work here and there and everywhere, and probably didn’t notice the artist, but he’s got a bunch of his art taped on studio-style on the walls at the original Green Line, on 43rd and Baltimore.

This from the web site:

Produced in collaboration with Sherman Arts, the 13-song folk-rock compilation features songs by local and nationally known independent musicians: The Innocence Mission, Denison Witmer, Birdie Busch, Soltero, Red Heart the Ticker, Jack Ohly, The Corndawg, The Weeds, Fan of Friends, Devin Greenwood, Circles, Bird and the Buffalo, and Little Ocean. Cover art by West Philly’s own John Overmyer. Trust us, you’re gonna love this record! (bold lettering provided by artblog).

Douglas Witmer, Green Line proprietor and artist and musician and brother of Denison, one of the performers, says the music is great. But you can judge for yourself: Here’s where to both listen and order, or just stop by the one of the Green Line Cafes, pay cash, and carry it out in time for Xmas.


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