Report from Fishtown

[Editor’s note: Longtime Fishtown resident Roman Blazic want to make sure everyone knows all the stuff that’s cooking in Fishtown on First Friday. Here’s what he had to say.]

Piety Choi
Piety Choi at Highwire

First Friday in Fishtown continues to grow along Frankford Avenue and the surrounding streets. The more recent art attractions include The Angler Movement Arts Center, 1550 Montgomery Ave. and Perpetua, 2041 Frankford Ave., 215-634-4447.

Add these to the other established exhibition galleries such as Bambi, Germ Book Store, Rocket Cat Café, Highwire and Little Berlin and you’ll find a unique environment of art’s variety.

Art by Nathan

Perpetua presented Art by Nathan. His original work of comic book drawings succeeds because of the conflict of the stark imagery and imagination and his delicacy of colorization. This conflict evokes mixed feelings that draw me in to challenge the starkness and delicacy of the human condition.

Jeff Waring 1
Jeff Waring at Highwire Gallery

Highwire Gallery presented the work of Piety Choi, an art instructor at Lutheran Settlement, and longtime Highwire member Jeff Waring. There were more similarities than differences between their artwork. Both create art rich with earthly texture and color that’s alive with depth and dimension. This was work that would look as good in a home as it looks on the gallery walls!

Christopher Wilke 1
Christopher Wilke at Germ Book Store

Germ Book Store, a favorite of mine, exhibits art from the sublime to the subliminal and just about anything in-between. You never know what to expect. Young artist Christopher Wilke favors the strong influence of Dali and Bacon. I see an artist with much potential.

Marie Ulmer 1
Marie Ulmer

The best moment of the night was when I met up with Marie Ulmer. Marie, at age 91, is a most-elder active artist. She and my mother, Mary Blazic, also 91 years but now in nursing care, were the original artists with some recognition from the Fishtown area.

Marie Ulmer 1R
by Marie Ulmer

Marie’s main body of work was silkscreen prints and now watercolors.

[editor: I thought it might be fun to see a picture by Roman’s mother, Mary Blazic:]

Mary Blazic 1R


–Roman Blazic of Fishtown is an artist member of Positive Space.