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Minna and Ben weather weird weather and marry

Here are Minna and Ben right after the ceremony. The chuppah (wedding canopy--in the background) was made by yours truly and her good friend Millie!
Here are Minna and Ben right after the ceremony. The chuppah (wedding canopy–in the background) was made by yours truly and her good friend Millie!

I know I mentioned the my daughter Minna got married Oct. 25. So now it’s my daughter Minna and my son-in-law Ben. (I just heard a mother-in-law joke on television and suddenly realized, oh, dear, that’s me!) Like everyone involved in a wedding, I thought this was the best one ever.

Murray right after the ceremony. I bet he’s saying, Awww, that was a snap!

I thought I’d share some pictures and I also thought I’d share a wonderful op-ed piece by Murray–Father of the bride finds his role. He didn’t seem to have a problem finding his role one bit. He walked our daughter down the aisle (with me), he lent me his handkerchief during the ceremony, he schmoozed with everyone, he danced the hora, toasted the bride and groom, boogied his way across the floor with nearly every female in the room (or so it seemed), and took home the excess liquor at the end of the evening.

The wedding party (left to right) Maid of Honor Liz, Best Man Matt, Minna, Ben, Maid of Honor Sigal and Best Man Andrew

One of the things that made the ceremony itself wonderful was the pouring rain. We were in a tent (at the Independence Seaport Museum) for the ceremony, and the rain pounded and bathtubs of water sluiced off the tent top. I spent part of the ceremony trying to figure out how I was going to save people if the tent fell down (I reached no suitable conclusion on that one, but then none was needed, fortunately).

Ben gets walked down the aisle by his parents Moshe and Shlomit, safe inside the tent, as the heavens pour down buckets of rain.

The rabbi (the wonderful Avi Winokur of Society Hill Synagogue, our home base) started talking about Noah’s Flood and then segued into white water rafting. We were all on the same boat.

From the top deck at the Seaport Museum

But then the skies cleared and during the reception afterward (spectacular food by the amazing Steve Poses and Frog Commisary Catering), we had a wonderful view of the city and the waterfront, with the twinkling lights.

Ben and Minna laughing at a toast from one of the two maids of honor.

Among the special things at this wedding were the multitude of toasts and performances for the bride and groom (including jugglers!!!)–not to mention that my son Alex MC’d this part of the event. He’s a very funny guy.

Here’s Alex. I think he’s delivering a toast, here. But maybe he’s telling people about his role as “badchan.” His sister told him that meant he was the MC. But he said he double-checked on Wikipedia, and learned that badchan means “clown.”

Our photographer, the wonderful Candace diCarlo, gave us 1,200-plus photographs. I have eliminated about two-thirds, ever picture elimination painful to me; they were pretty wonderful. So there are now a mere 400 up on my Flickr site. Somehow, I have to get a grip and cut it down by another 90 percent! Manana.


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