Words, art, computer games! Australia checks in.


In the annals of self-promotion of a good kind, this info came in from a reader named Jason Nelson, who’s a digital art professor in Australia. He is the author of a number of internet games–at which I am rather inept, it taking me about seven tries to figure out how to get out of a hole and then a similar number of tries to figure out that I can use a similar maneuver to get on an elevator–that are also art. The one I tried has a Mark Lombardi conspiracy theory quality, with spidery lines and crazy text, all related to following the money.

i made this. you play this. we are enemies, a game by Jason Nelson
i made this. you play this. we are enemies, a game by Jason Nelson. The still image doesn’t begin to capture the animation and noise!

Nelson’s originally from Oklahoma, is a poet, and has a variety of what he calls “art games.” They are word heavy, frenetic and hilarious–with an anti-high tech, DIY look that deceives as it charms. He also has poems, songs and stories that have fun with the interactive quality of internet technology. It’s a perfect way to waste a snowy afternoon.


australia, jason nelson, poems, video games



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