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Socialist Grocery

An 8-panel comic from the Socialist Grocery series by Oli Knowles where Sebastian finds a new obsession with Harry styles.

Dialogue and Transcription

In an 8-panel comic from the Socialist Grocery series by Oli Knowles, Sebastian’s friend shares their current special interest, Harry Styles. Sebastian immediately feels a connection.

In the top right panel, Sebastian holding their phone with an image of Harry Styles explains, “My friend recently went into a deep dive with me about his current special interest, Harry Styles. I immediately ‘got it’ and felt very protective of Harry afterward.”

The top right panel, shows Sebastian looking at their phone and narrating, “I texted my Gen-Z sister about it because she grew up listening to him.” At 2 AM Sebastian sends, “Hey, it’s me. About Harry Styles… I get it.” Their sister responds at 3 AM, “Omg Finally!”

The half panel below the top right shows Sebastian asking Mike, “Do you like Harry Styles, Mike?” To which they respond “No.” Sebastian retorts, “Hater.”

The upper middle left panel shows Sebastian exasperated, with a coworker and two customers. The coworker says, “Harry? Fake.” A customer with short hair responds, “Fake!” A customer with wavy hair describes him as a “P.R. stunt of a person.” Sebastian in their head confesses, “You all need TikTok. Or God.”

The upper middle right panel shows a new coworker in flannel and jeans with long wavy hair and a mustache. Sebastian narrates, “Nobody at my job cared about Harry. Until we got a new guy… Who looked exactly like him.”

The lower middle left panel displays a nervous Sebastian with perspiration on the forehead saying, “Hey Jeff…”

The lower middle right panel shows Sebastian speaking to Jeff. Sebastian asks, “You know you have a Harry Styles…” Showing Jeff, “…Vibe…?”

In the bottom left Jeff says inquisitively, “Yeah?”

In the bottom right panel, Jeff, winking, says in response to Sebastian, “Oh thanks, I like his vibe.”

Under the bottom right panel, Sebastian explains, “The wink made me feel like Jeff was trying to tell me he was Harry.”