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The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Activism across borders; Amy Schumer takes Hollywood to task; and why you shouldn’t put that Baltimore mom on a pedestal. — the artblog editors] I don’t want to call this video of Canadian activist Neda Topaloski protesting proposed healthcare legislation at a Quebec news conference AMAZING because that would give you the wrong idea. What is amazing is Culture Minister Hélène David’s 20 seconds of confused/amused/horrified/smug facial expressions, via CBC News A Frida Kahlo lithograph on display at the Detroit Institute of Art reveals how even the unassuming museum label is still a ... More » »


The artblog Reader Advisor

[This month’s Reader Advisor posts are brought to you by our guest editors, the Nicola Midnight St. Claire, or Nicola, as she sometimes likes to be called. Today: Baltimore, upheaval, and outrage. — the artblog editors] There is only one thing you should be reading and talking about. “When nonviolence is preached by the representatives of the state, while the state doles out heaps of violence to its citizens, it reveals itself to be a con,” via the Atlantic A bit old but still true, via the Daily Beast Even black Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake uses the word “thugs” to ... More » »


The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: You can now buy a fake Koons; a Spanish museum says, “Finders, keepers”; and Temple University scientists may have made progress toward eliminating HIV. — the artblog editors] The Crowning of Kitschy Achievement: Buy a Fake Koons for $500! Animal New York In a Fit of Pitiful Stubbornness, Spanish Museum Clings to Nazi-Looted Pissarro Artnet Tim Draper’s Plan to Split California into Six States Failed to Make You Laugh? Watch Stephen Colbert Interview the Man with the Plan Motherjones Art F City Recap: Baltimore’s Alternative Art Fair Art F City Pot and Pennsylvania: ... More » »

Kim Westfall, Wintergreen

Nip Slips at Current Space

[Nate examines how vanity pervades pop culture, and reviews a group show that attempts to combat vanity through modesty. –the artblog editors] In the last decade, pop culture has included some moments of embarrassment that came to epitomize specific events (e.g. Janet Jackson’s controversial performance incident at Super Bowl XXXVIII). Her public humiliation, known as a “nip slip” (or its more polite euphemism, the “wardrobe malfunction”) is the takeoff point for the group show Nip Slips at Current Space in Baltimore. In examining the issues raised by a moment of vanity and its consequences, the show asks the question: What happens when ... More » »

Raqs Media Collective still from 'An Afternoon Unregistered on the Richter Scale' (2011) Courtesy of the artists and Frith Street Gallery

In Baltimore — Max Weber, Sarah Oppenheimer, Raqs Media Collective and new contemporary galleries at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Richard Caton Woodville at the Walters

The Baltimore Museum of Art  recently re-installed its contemporary galleries, which include Sarah Oppenheimer’s first U.S. commission.  This sounded like a good reason to plan a trip, especially since I could also see  a small, focused exhibition about Max Weber‘s transmission of advanced art from Paris to New York in the period before WWI. Max Weber is given a well deserved place alongside his better known contemporaries Weber should be better known than he is, but the same could be said of a number of American modernists who worked before the Second World War. Max Weber: Bringing Paris to New ... More » »

Our trip to Baltimore began at 30th St. Station

All aboard – Baltimore quick picture post

It was National Train Day Saturday, an Amtrak love fest at 30th Street Station, and as Steve and I waited for our train to Baltimore (to visit good friends Chuck and Iris) I ambled around the displays (there was a nice photo display on the Great American Migration that explained how the railroad helped make that possible (via passenger and freight trains).

Season of curatorial appointments

Last week Temple announced the hiring of Robert Blackson as Director of Exhibitions at Tyler School of Art. Today comes the announcement from the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore of Sue Spaid’s appointment as Executive Director of the museum. While in Philadelphia, Spaid headed up the Abington Art Center’s exhibition program and also taught Engineering Ethics and Aesthetics at Drexel University.  She will join the Contemporary Museum Dec. 13.  We should say here that we know Spaid and are big fans of her writing, curating and thinking. Earlier this month ICA announced Jenelle Porter’s move to ICA Boston.  As of January, ... More » »


Other Baltimore delights

Post from Jason Urban Hello Libby and Roberta, AVAM is defintely the flagship of the Baltimore art scene but there are quite a few other spots worth investigation should you get back down there. School 33, the Creative Alliance, Area 405, Chela (which may or may not still be around), and Spare Room are all worth a visit depending on the month. And there are quite a few DIY-type spaces. In the year I lived there (before moving to Philly) I found it to be a very open and friendly city to work in… very supportive and there’s alot of ... More » »


Visionary Baltimore

For months, fellow blogger Mark Barry has been trying to get us down to Baltimore for the American Museum of Visionary Art. Uhhh, it’s south. Uhhh, it’s a day’s commitment. Uhhh, we can’t get it together. Uhhh, we were so wrong. It was great. Between Barry and museum director and visionary founder Rebecca Hoffberger (top image, Hoffberger left and Barry right), we got a warmer welcome than anything north of here can possibly muster.Here’s a picture of the fresh eggs from his very own chickens that Barry gave me (oh, yeah, he also gave Roberta her own eggs). Try to ... More » »


The Borofsky-Baltimore experience

Post from artblog contributor Mark Barry Your comment about airport art (see Libby’s post) in Alaska coincided with a discussion I had last night, at yoga. Namaste. I was asked if I liked the new [Jonathan] Borofsky piece in front of Penn Station here in Baltimore. I do like it but I wish it we’re a commission for a local artist (me) and your airport experience is just the reason why. A sense of place. “Male/Female” though grand and shiny and bold, doesn’t have a Baltimore connection. It says nothing about the city or region to travelers coming and going ... More » »

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