John Currin’s conservatism and Lisa Yuskavage’s Fischl-ism

Post by Sid Sachs


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I guess I meant “conservative” in that the paint handling is traditional, skillful, of the hand. And what is done with that skill is untraditional and breaks rules. I think it is also so with Tom Nozkowski, David Reed, Sean Scully, Bill Jensen, Giorgio Morandi etc…. This doesn’t have perjorative connotations to me. I think there are others who break tradition and also make new ways of handling material i.e. Pollock, Frankenthaler, Hesse, Tuttle, Benglis, Apfelbaum, Warhol. I was trying to contrast Currin with Yuskavage who in my estimation has problems with the handing, facture, space etc and the shock of the new. She is the Eric Fischl for a new generation and who needs that. [Image is “The Bed, the Chair, Jetlag” by Eric Fischl]

–Sid Sachs is Director of the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at University of the Arts