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This just in from the better-late-than-ever department. Fairmount Park Art Association has gone live with a new website that’s good looking and useful for things like researching the facts, figures and locations of public sculptures in the city. I liked the little search icon which seems to be titled “htdigs” Hot digs? Hot diggity.

I had trouble finding up to the minute information, however, about things that I know are happening right now like Ed Levine’s Pennypack Park piece, second of the New LandMarks community projects, which was dedicated on Oct. 4. (see image of his “Birdblind”) But as we all know, new websites take some time to settle down and reach full usefulness. Meanwhile, here’s some information from FPAA’s director, Penny Balkin Bach, about the naturalist’s three-part piece in the park.

“Artist Ed Levine’s project was inspired by the writings of Henry David Thoreau, and each of the elements reflects a different aspect of humanity’s relationship to nature. Nestled along trails in the Pennypack section of Fairmount Park, three artworks provide the opportunity to both contemplate and interact with the park’s spectacular natural setting.”


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