Ghostly trace


Curator Sid Sachs’ Big Nothing exhibit “Trace” opens at Rosenwald Wolf Gallery next Thursday, June 24. Here’s a detail from the spooky postcard image (I understand card is late in getting out, so look for it in the mail soon).

The show, with more than 25 artists, includes locals Stuart Netsky, Sharyn O’Mara, Anne Seidman, Jennie Shanker, Kevin Strickland and Bill Walton; and others like Joseph Beuys, Jacob El Hanani, Roxy Paine and Ad Reinhardt who hail from hither and yon and the great beyond. Should be a good show.

My information says the show is up now, but the artist’s reception is Thursday, June 24, 5-8 pm. Rosenwald Wolf Gallery, University of the Arts, 320 S. Broad St. For more information, call 215-717-6480. (some day they’ll get a website, hint hint)


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