From Artblog corporate headquarters

table In case you’re wondering if Libby and I ever do anything but look at art (and write about it) the answer is actually no, that’s all we do. (Just kidding)

We’re very broad in our approach to the world.

As an example, I’ll tell you what we did yesterday.

We participated in a mini trade show sponsored by the Philadelphia Hotel Consortium at the Marriott Hotel.

It was a dog and pony show for hotel concierges to acquaint themselves with the wonders of Philadelphia.


We consider Artblog a Philadelphia wonder so we were there. (top image is artblog table — note our new corporate banner)


We didn’t even bat an eye when we found out our table was in the stuffed animal section of the hall, right next to Sesame Place‘s table.

If artblog is the Big Bird of art criticism, we can live with that. (image right).


And speaking of stuffed animals, here’s Philadelphia’s biggest stuffed animal, the Phillie Phanatic, hugging an (ahem) unnamed Artblog representative (who asked to be erased from the picture.) (image left)

You must not read this photo as the Phanatic’s endorsement of Artblog. But it’s ok to read it as Artblog‘s endorsement of the Phanatic.

So we do get out now and again and have fun, Artblog fun. We’re obsessed. But you knew that.