PA Council on the Arts winners

Here’s the scoop: A total of $365,000 was awarded to 66 individual artists in 19 counties throughout Pennsylvania. In our five-county region (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia), 38 artists, writers and musicians were picked in categories that included visual arts, media arts, folk and traditional, arts commentary, crafts, music and literature. Awards are in the amounts of $10,000 or $5,000.

Here’s the visual arts eight:

Mark Campbell, Virgil Marti, Peter Miraglia, Brian McCutcheon, Eileen Neff, Amanda Tinker, Thomas S. Vance and Nami Yamamoto.

And the craft arts six:

Debora Muhl, Paula Winokur, Lorraine Glessner, Karen E. Misher, Adelaide Paul and Lorraine Glessner

Read the full list here.

The bad news is that the Council has suspended its SOS grant program as of this cycle of grantees. SOS grants were for the grant winners and for the runners’ up who needed small amounts to realize a project. Thanks to Brian McCutcheon for the heads up and the link. And congratulations, Brian, and all the winners. Everybody else, keep on working, now. Next time is yours. (image is McCutcheon’s “Ultralounger” 2000)


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