The Nanotechnology Artist

[Ed. note: Steinberg’s post follows up my earlier post on bioart.]

Post by Robert Steinberg

If the idea is to explore the links between art and science, there are are more productive possibilities than bioart. For example, Soft Condensed Matter Physics can provide artists with ways to create nature’s patterns that are new in the annals of art! (See Soft Matter, Slow Dynamics and Art; Nature Materials vol 2, July 2003)

[Ed. note: when I was Googling around I found a local connection, the University of Pennsylvania Soft Condensed Matter Physics Group. Check out the images on that site!!! And I also found a sample of art by Steinberg at an online gallery The Nanotechnology Art Gallery. (True title, no kidding!) Steinberg’s piece at the gallery’s website is a virtual vase. I emailed him about the piece and the following is what he wrote back.]

“The key point is that the vase is the result of evaporation-induced self assembly. The patterns in the middle of the vase are extraordinary! Nature at her best.”

(images are Steinberg’s vase and a detail of the patterning. This page from the gallery site explains the process used in creating the vase.)

–Robert Steinberg is a scientist and nanotechnology artist