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So much art, so little time


Here’s some more upcoming art stuff that clawed its way to the top in my mailbox–

Vik Muniz at the Morris Gallery at PAFA, Sept. 16 to Nov. 27; he will speak Friday Sept. 16, at 12:30 p.m., Hamilton Auditorium. Ellen Harvey will open at PAFA Oct. 14, 6 – 8 p.m., up until Jan. 8. Mei-ling Hom will speak at PAFA Sept. 7, noon to 1, Hamilton Auditorium. And Nan Goldin will be showing at PAFA from Dec. 17 to Feb. 12. Swoon, double swoon, triple swoon, etc.

Canadian artist and video-maker Rodney Graham opens at the ICA Sept. 9, 6-8 p.m. (public, free) preceded by a 5 p.m. artist/curators walkthrough for members only. The show runs to Dec. 23. He’s performing with local band Bardo Pond Sept. 8 at the World Cafe Live. Think counterculture trippiness–physical and mental–to wrap your mind around this work (image at top is from Graham’s video “Vexation Island”).

The illustrated novel took a novel turn in the hands of Art Spiegelman, who is giving a talk, Comix 101, Sept.27, at Penn. As part of the same program, the Penn Humanities Forum on Word and Image, Jenny Holzer is giving a free talk Nov. 16. The sign-up for both of these is here. Hit the subscribe link.

The Fleisher Challenge 1 opens Sept. 9, featuring Kip Deeds, Sarah Gamble and B. Ever Nalens. Should be good.


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