Brian Wagner memorial, Oct. 7

I got two notes recently about the memorial service planned for Brian Wagner, a beloved Philadelphia artist who died suddenly last July. Here’s a link to the written memorial I put up on artblog in July.

And here’s the two notes

First, from artist Mark Campbell who was a friend of Brian’s:

Hello Roberta,

I wanted to give you an update on Brian Wagner’s memorial. I’ts 4:00 pm on Friday October 7th, in the Bossone Center Auditorium, Market St. between 31st and 32nd. People at Drexel have been organizing it and they are hoping that the art community will come. Best, Mark

And next from Beth Tafel Shuster, also a friend who re-iterates about the memorial and adds:


I’m a longtime friend of Brian’s helping to settle his estate – particularly where his artworks are concerned. I know you’ve been a fan of Brian’s work and have written many kind words about him and his work. I thought I’d drop you a line and let you know about two items of interest in case no one else has hipped you to them:

Currently, the WHAT SHOW at the Highwire Gallery (closing Sept. 30) has a posthumous submission of Brian’s. It’s a collection of jars and above them his notebook, musings, dabblings, drawings, scribblings and ideas about projects pushpinned to the wall above them – a little peek into his wonderful mind. Brian agreed to participate in the show shortly before he died and there’s a poignant and interesting personal note (that mentions you, as a matter of fact) he wrote to gallery director, Jeff Thomas, along with his entry fee, which we decided to include on the wall.

Thanks for your support of Brian’s work. He really enjoyed knowing he had a friend and advocate out there in cyberspace at Artblog. All the best, Beth Tafel Shuster