More notes of note–Hom, Finklea and Witmer

Hom gets a Fulbright

Mei-ling Hom
Mei Ling Hom’s “Floating Mountains, Singing Clouds” installed at the Sackler Gallery earlier this year

Sculptor Mei-Ling Hom, whose work explores her Chinese ancestry as an American, whispered in artblog’s ear that she’s heading for South Korea for 10 months to study Korean ceramics methods under a Fulbright grant. In light of today’s news of North Korea’s nuclear test, I have to add a wish for peace as well as a good and productive trip.

PAFA acquires a Finklea

PAFA Finklea acquistion
The announcement by Pentimenti Gallery of PAFA’s acquisition of Kevin Finklea’s painting Empty Pages #10

Kevin Finklea’s never-before displayed piece Empty Pages #10 has not only been acquired by the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. It will make its public debut there concurrent with the Robert Ryman exhibit, from Oct. 13 to Jan. 28.

The recent painting, acquired for the Contemporary Art Development Collection, will hang outside the Morris Gallery in the stairs area. Ryman will be inside the Morris Gallery. How’s that for a heady comparison!

Finklea wrote in an email:

The PAFA acquisition is certainly good news for me. …I don’t know what, if any, connections anyone shall make between Ryman and my work. I will be curious to see what I’ve done in the context of both a museum setting and a show of this calibre. It’s all novel to me.

Department of artistic enterprise: Douglas Witmer goes to Tokyo

Witmer designed the exhibit’s e-card, pictured here.

An addendum to Roberta’s network notes: Doug Witmer is also included in a group exhibition that opened yesterday in Tokyo. The exhibit of small works, primarily by U.S. and European artists, is called “Suitcase,” and the work was hand-couriered to Japan by the German artist Richard Schur for installation at the studio of the Tokyo-based, Australian artist Brent Hallard.

The exhibition is fully catalogued online, with essays by Hallard and by Oakland-based artist George Lawson.