Fall colors in the trees and in the City Hall fountain


Pink water, City Hall fountain, Oct. 16, 2008

Mayor John Street used to love to throw a little food coloring in the fountains in Love Park and at City Hall…sometimes aqua blue, sometimes cotton candy pink, one time…violet! I think that was his approach to public art, cheap and fun. I haven’t seen color in the water since Mayor Nutter‘s been on the scene. But yesterday, amidst the city’s Phillies fever when all the skyscraper rooftop lights are pink in solidarity, there it was, PINK, in the fountain outside City Hall. Go Phillies! See some Zoe Strauss photos of the celebrants.

I’ve been snapping these pictures off and on since 2004. Sometimes I go out of my way to walk by the fountains just to check for color…Call me crazy but the whole thing makes me smile. More photos here.


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