The fault, dear Brutus, is in the video


The video art will respond to our impatience because if it doesn’t, who will watch it? I think the slowness of video art is a flaw, and I question that the flaw is in us, the viewer.

I concede that we, as viewers, are quite impatient, just like we, as drivers, these days, are insanely impatient. Ten years ago, drivers didn’t used to run me down as I stepped off the curb. Now they do. I, too, am impatient behind the wheel.

But I am not impatient in front of a good painting. Just as good paintings hold my interest, so can good videos. I think the fault is in the videos. Videographers need to pep up the proceedings to some degree. But the art is young, and in this way, I have patience to wait until video artists figure out more about their medium and how to make it work.


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