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2004 trends of the season


You thought it was Christmas? Not on Artblog. Here it’s the season of lists. Here’s the first one (sorry we’re not going to link, but you can find many of these names in the list of artists to the left):


Philly’s art scene; it’s smoooookin’

New young artists = new young collectors. SPECTOR gets props for spawning a group of new young collectors

pattern and decoration reemerges in 21st c. Heirs to Robert KuschnerKate Abercrombie, Samantha Simpson, Max Lawrence

in the same breath, Indian miniatures continue their comeback–Shahzia Sikander (coming to Fab in 2006); Ben Woodward, Sabeen Raja (image, detail of Raja’s work at Gallery Joe)

abstract goes cyber — eg. Amy Adams

reemergence of portraiture by young artists in 21st century–Anthony Palumbo; Max Lawrence; Becky Westcott

art about technology eg. Brian Alfred, Thomas Demand, Harun Farocki


auto art Patricia Piccinini, Samuel Yun, Eamon Ore-Giron (image, one of Piccinini’s car nuggets at Robert Miller Gallery in New York)

death by resin–Max Lawrence, Joy Feasley, Alyson Shotz, Charles Hobbs

Pilchuck–everyone is going there

Sons of Pilchuck–everyone is coming back and making glass here

Artblog in Art in America!


not much, except for:

body art