Time out for LINC and PHL art

Libby and I are off to an all-day seminar sponsored by LINC (Leveraging Investments in Creativity) a 10-year multi-city project. We’re going to hear about making Philadelphia better for art and making Philadelphia art better. And we’re hoping it’s not just a lot of hot air. We’ll let you know. More on LINC here. The local LINC honchos are Melissa Franklin of the Pew Fellowships and Beth Feldman Brandt of Stockton Rush Barton Foundation.
Meanwhile here’s a little color for you, a photo I took July 11 when I was at PHL International airport, Terminal E. It’s a glass case full of Nami Yamamoto‘s bubbly art. Yamamoto is a Vox Populi member whose work we’ve written about. This piece, called “Primordial Soup,” is in the public part of Terminal E. Here’s the PHL page explaining more about Yamamoto’s piece. Our pal, Ava Blitz, wrote to tell us that she’s got art at the airport now, in the Terminal B-C area. However, you’ll need a ticket to see Blitz’s work since it’s deep inside beyond the Homeland Security take your shoes off functionaries. Here’s Blitz’s page at the PHL website.

And for the complete list of who’s exhibiting where and when see this PHL page.

I love the airport art program run by Leah Douglas who always seems to come up with a great mix of traditional Philadelphia art and new work of edgier more conceptual mein.