Socialist Grocery

8 panel comic from the series Socialist Grocery in which Sebastian and the grocery store customers adjust to life after masks.


[Panel 1]: The grocery store is packed with people standing close together as they shop. The top of Sebastian’s head– visible from the eyes up– is centered in front of a cluster of people, some of which look confused, others focused, others amused.
Narration: Masks are off, and I feel like everyone knows it’s jarring and awkward. Everyone’s trying to normalize it but nobody really knows how to make conversations at all.

[Panel 2]: A customer with light brown skin, purple hair that goes down to their shoulder, bangs trimmed to their eye brows, and circular glasses, is cuddling with a package of bacon. Sebastian, who is wearing a mustard yellow shirt and a plum colored mask, is looking wearily towards them out of the corner of his eye.
Customer at Register (to Sebastian): I’m trying this bacon for the first time!
Sebastian: Oh that one’s really good.

[Panel 3]: Sebastian is turned to the side, facing the lefthand side of the panel. The customer, who is partially obscured by Sebastian’s head, stands behind him, making small talk. The top of a second customer’s head is visible in the bottom lefthand corner of the panel. They have white skin and short, gray-ish blue hair.
Customer: Remember in twenty-twelve when everyone had a t-shirt that said like, “I’d rather be eating bacon”?
Second customer: I got all my bacon shirts at hot topic. But I heard they’re very ‘Disney’ now, so I’m boycotting them.
Customer: I guess I’ve been accidentally boycotting them for like, nine years.

[Panel 4]: A third customer who has white skin, short brown hair, and is wearing a purple turtleneck sweater, approaches Sebastian at the counter. They face each other with a crate of vegetables sitting between them.
Narration: And I think some people are just making things up to get through the interaction.
Sebastian: Wow. What are you gonna do with all these vegetables?
Third Customer: I’m making German potato salad.

[Panel 5]: Close-up on the third customer’s face, which bears a surprised expression. The back of Sebastian’s head is partially visible on the lefthand side of the panel.
Sebastian: What’s German potato salad?
Third Customer: I think it’s an American creation. They wouldn’t be able to make this in Germany. There’s no vegetables there.

[Panel 6]: Close-up to Sebastian’s profile in front of a lavender colored background.
Sebastian: There’s no vegetables in Germany?
Third Customer: Yep. No vegetables in Germany.

[Panel 7]: Close-up of the third customer, whose face is covered in a shadow, as they confidently walk out of the store. Sebastian is visible in the background with a horrified look on his face as he watches the customer exit the store.